WUPP CS-664A1 Home Manual Reset IP66 Waterproof Circuit Breaker Reset Fuse Inverter+Switch

Product Description

Product working voltage is 32V, universal 12V, 24V all motorcycles, cars, boats, etc., use a very wide range of installation.

Wide range of rated current value, 10-70A optional, can protect any load electrical appliances on the car.

Product automatic reset, manual reset, manual reset + switch Multi-functional design, use operation will be more flexible, the scope of application will be wider.

The product uses Bakelite material, very hard, working temperature -32 °C - 82 °C, heat and explosion, cold and frost resistance, the use of the environment is not high, the use of a wider range.

The product meets SAE vehicle standards and the quality is very good, meeting the export requirements of any country.

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