Woodhead 28W47 Watertite Wet Location Locking Blade Plug - Yellow Electrical Wiring Plug with 2 Wire/ 3 Pole Design, 30 A, 125 V - Waterproof Plug

Product Description

Electrical Grip Plug: locking blade plug is designed to provide an unrivalled performance in most severe electrical settings of high pressure, extreme temperature, chemical exposure, abrasions, wet locations

Material Used: grip connector plug features an outer housing made with NEo - TEX Paracril OZO rubber, stainless steel face screw and nylon face insert, making it more durable and impact resistant

Waterproof Plug: this power connecting plug is equipped with an interface that prevents the contaminants from getting inside, resists vapor and water from high pressure up to 1000 psi.

Features: wire screw terminals of this electrical plug are tri-drive, making it compatible to straight blade, Phillips and square-drive screw drivers. The floating blade construction of this plug prevents any wear and tear

Specifications: locking plug connector provides safe and secure wire connections with 2 pole/ 3 wire design that works efficiently at 30 A and 125 V

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