Webcam cover (2) 1x - Black and 1x - Dollar, Mac,Computers, Laptop, Smart TV´s

Product Description

Stay Protected - Last years have shown that organizations and people all over the world are infiltrating our webcams, taking pictures without our notice. Covering your webcam is essential to stay protected!

One Size Fits All - Our WebcamCover is designed in such a way that it’s usable on every laptop out there. The WebcamCover is easy to install and ultra thin, enabling you to close your laptop at all times.

Slide Away! - After several designs and use of different materials, we found our answer to webcam hacking. By sliding the WebcamCover open and shut, you decide when somebody is watching.

Easy to Use - The WebcamCover consists of two parts and is easy to install on any laptop. Remove the adhesive tape, put the parts together, place it over your webcam and you are ready to go, This tape doesn’t leave any residue and makes sure your cover will never fall off.

100% Satisfaction Guaranty - Our WebcamCover is fully printed, made out of a dense high quality plastic and made in Europe. If you're not happy will refund your order.

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