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Product features

  • Prevent Unauthorized Access to anything with an electrical plug with the VoltBolt.
  • Prevent Power Leaks. Stop electronic equipment from drawing power when they are supposed to be off.
  • Works with standard 2-prong or 3-prong plugs.
  • When locked the VoltBolt cuts the power to whatever device that is plugged into it. Simply unlock the VoltBolt to have power and remove the plug (if desired).
  • The Volt Bolt's 4 foot electrical cord makes it easy to keep everything plugged in without having to climb behind home entertainment centers or find a wall plug. Just turn the key and the device is off.

Product Description

The VoltBolt gives you the power to control power. The VolBolt is a powerful tool that will add security, safety and parental control to your life. With the turn of a key this product will lock any electrical device that it is attached to and instantly shut off power to that device.

The VoltBolt:

  • Provides security for power tools
  • Saves on energy leaks
  • Locks office equipment – locks the copy machine, locks the laminator, prevents unauthorized use
  • Locks the TV – locks the plug on video game systems
  • Locks the power plug on any other device without having to unplug it!

    The VoltBolt will work with any appliance using an electrical cord with standard 2-prong or 3-prong plugs. North America style power plugs.

    Here is how the VoltBolt works. Plug any electrical device (computer, TV, power tool or kitchen appliance) into the VoltBolt, just like you would an extension cord or power-strip. Leave the VoltBolt in the ?On? position and the device will operate normally. When you want to disable the device use the key provided to turn the VoltBolt to the ?Off? position and then remove the key. Now, power to the device is cut off, the device will not operate, and the VoltBolt cannot be removed nor power restored until the key is reinserted and the VoltBolt turned back to the ?On? position. In other words, the VoltBolt gives you the ability to disable any electrical device any time you wish.

    You have the ?power to control power.?

    Two Buying Options. Orders shipped by Amazon have random key codes. See “Other Sellers on Amazon” to find out how you can purchase VoltBolts that are keyed the same when buying more than one VoltBolt at a time. This is very convenient when locking multiple devices and using the same key.

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