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Product features

  • Fewer arguments - You will no longer have to keep asking your child to turn off the TV each day.
  • Empowerment - Your children will be able to manage their own TV time, learning budgeting, decision making and prioritizing.
  • Free Time - Your children will spend more time playing sports, reading, etc. This will lead to healthier children!
  • Automatic - This is the only TV time management solution that will automatically renew the weekly allowance.
  • The TV Allowance will help your children manage their own time on the TV or playing video games.

Product Description

The TV Allowance is a simple device which allows families to limit video game and TV viewing time. Each child chooses a 4-digit PIN to turn on the TV. That’s it!

How It Works:
The TV Allowance is a device that connects between a television and its supply of electricity. The TV Allowance controls the amount of time the television is allowed to be turned on.
o Set blackout times to prevent usage during certain time.
o Set a weekly TV Allowance for up to 6 children.
o Each child is given a personalized 4-digit code that is entered to access the TV.
o The parental administration code is used in setup and to use the TV without deducting anyone’s allowance.
o The TV Allowance may also be used to control computer time by plugging in the computer monitor.

As children use up time watching TV, their account is debited. When the TV is shut off, the unit stops deducting time from that child’s account. When all of the time is used up, the TV shuts off and will not turn back on until the beginning of the next week when the allowance is automatically restored. You can optionally set any remaining time to be added to the next week. This way a child can save up time for special occasions.

Blackout times can be set to block TV usage during homework or past bedtime hours. A parental override code is available to allow the use of the TV without debiting anyone’s account. Unused time may be rolled over to the next week or eliminated.

Please Note: The TV Allowance requires that the TV or Video Game Console draws at least 50 watts of power. Smaller TVs don’t draw enough power for the TV Allowance to recognize that they are turned on. The TV Allowance then turns off thinking that the child has turned off the TV and forgot to logout of the TV Allowance. The workaround is to attach another electrical device like a small lamp to it as well. This will draw enough power for the TVAllowance to work properly.

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