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We Are All Assistants is Volume II of Tom Watson Sr. Essays on Leadership. This series of works by Peter E. Greulich focuses on the IBM founder’s leadership during the Great Depression. Tom Watson Sr. published over 200,000 words during this period captured in over 200 speeches, articles and broadcasts to his “The IBM.” These amazing insights are the beliefs and ruminations of the 20th century’s greatest capitalist as he speaks intimately to his sales force, forcefully to his peers and solemnly to a church congregation. Peter E. Greulich, from his 30 years of experiencing the Watson’s IBM, writes a foreword and annotates these depression-era motivational topics of the late Thomas J. Watson Sr.

This volume highlights Tom Watson Sr.’s view on “We Are All Assistants.” It answers such questions as:
•What is the role of an executive?
•What is the role of the Chief Executive Officer?
•What is the best way to teach a man or woman?
•Where does he turn in late 1932 to make up a revenue shortfall?

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