Product features

  • USB 2.0 (compatible with USB 1.1): No extra adaptor, power supplies by USB, simple and portable. ASIC for USB 2.0, confirm the stability and speed when writing the program.
  • Built-in 32 bit high-speed processors: Optimal settings aim at SPI Flash/ Serial EEPROM. All the writing will be finished by the processors, it will not influent by the basic frequency of the computer.
  • SP8-A adopts 40 pins socket for wide/narrow dual uses which support inline chips and adapters with 8 to 40 pins.
  • ESD protection and contact detection: Protect from accidental damages caused by misplaced or destroyed chips. Improving the reliability of programming.
  • ISP (In-System Programmability): Also called online program, In ISP mode, chip reading and writing can be operated simply by connecting several information lines to corresponding pins in the on-board chips.

Product Description

It applies to personnel of home appliance and digit maintenance. It is the first version of special programmers for professional serial memories. It far exceeds other products at the same price level, and has uncommon performance.

-. USB2.0 communication interfaces (real USB interfaces, not USB to serial ports or simulated USB ports).
-. Exquisite shells small size (103 x 71 x 23mm), and convenient to use and carry.
-. Compatibility: WinXP, VISTA, Win7/Win8/Win10 (32bit/64bit).
-. Built-in 32 bit high-speed processors: Specially designed for serial memories, achieving high-speed and appropriate programming.
-. Supports nearly all 93/25 memories, supports more chips through software upgrade.
-. Supports ISP program: On-board patch chips can be directly connected to be programmed.
-. Standard 40Pin ZIF socket, applies to wide/narrow chips and general adapters.
-. Supports contact detection for pins, improving the reliability of programming.
-. Over-current and ESD protection, protect against accidental damages caused by misplaced or destroyed chips to programmers and computer USB ports.
-. With mass production program, SP8-A automatically detects the position of chips and then starts program operation.
-. Plug and write. No synchronous waiting. Top speed and high efficiency when programs by the product.
-. Supports low-voltage (3.3V) and 5V chips.

Package includes
1 x Programmer
1 x USB Cable
1 x ISP Cable
1 x CD (Drivers)

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