Rustic State Twisted 18/2 Cloth Fabric Electrical Cord 25 Feet for Vintage and Antique Lamps Rayon 18 Gauge For Industrial Vintage DIY Projects (Black/Cream)

Product Description

25 Feet brown cloth covered 18 gauge wire twisted cord with 2 conductor.

The fabric is soft and deep in color, similar to old industrial age cloth covered wiring.

Suitable for wiring or re-wiring antique or vintage lamps, and even fans and small appliances where you want a genuine and authentic vintage look.

This is brand new cord for your steampunk lamp, vintage light, antique fan, minimalist lighting, etc.Also perfect to rewire an old antique to make it stand-out in striking contrast to modern-day replacement cords.

All you need to do is strip the wire and attach it to whatever you'd like. Simple and easy.

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