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If you have ever felt bewildered by all of the information available online about self-publishing, then this is the book for you.

This Bundle is a collection of three eBooks, each covering a different aspect of self-publishing romance fiction. When combined together, these books create a comprehensive one-stop library of everything that you need to know to get started on the self-publishing process.

Get THREE of Nina Harrington’s best-selling books on self-publishing in one Bundle Offer for up to 66% of the cover price.

So what is included in this package?

In this bundle you will receive a copy of:

Book One. How to Write Short Romance Kindle Books
I have broken down the process of writing romance fiction into:

A complete nine-step plan packed with the essential information you need to write your own short romance fiction, from understanding the different types of romance categories through to advanced story structure.

A proven six-layer character development technique to help you to create compelling three-dimensional characters readers will love!

Bonus content with practical advice on how to transform your manuscript into an eBook.

This detailed Fast-Track guide has been designed to be around 40 minutes long, which means that there is no filler, just quality information from the start.

Book Two. Your 30 Day Book Launch Plan
The 30 Day Book Launch Plan is a comprehensive and professional guide to how you can plan and implement an effective launch plan for your romance.
You can publish faster and more effectively and use the time you have saved to write more books. Achieve your goals by working smarter, not harder.

This complete Book Launch Plan gives you:
A detailed step-by-step plan so that you always know what to do and when.
The steps are broken down into four work strands which weave together to create a unique and comprehensive powerful launch plan.

There are lists of all of the steps that you need to complete to: Create your Manuscript, Build your eBook, Publish your eBook and then help readers to find your book through Marketing and Promotion.
Four weekly action plans with 20 milestones along the way.
Professional tips on how to promote and market your book to your audience, both before and after your eBook is published.

Instead of being overwhelmed by all of the information you need to understand to launch your eBook, you are going to feel totally in control and enjoying making it happen. All of the lengthy research has been done for you!

Book Three. 25 Ways to Sell More Romance Kindle Books
Having experienced the heartbreak of seeing one of my traditionally published romance books sink without trace, like a teaspoon of water in an ocean of similar books, I was determined not to let that happen again.
What I found was that there are techniques you can use to share your work with readers and reach the ideal audience who will benefit most from your eBook.

I call it the Six-Track eBook Marketing Plan. The key idea is that you have to plan out all six separate strands of the marketing plan, so that they mesh and weave together to produce a powerful and cohesive overall plan.
You will learn how to build a plan which includes: CREATING and PUBLISHING your eBook. BUILDING Your Author Brand and Platform, REACHING out to your Audience, The SOFT LAUNCH Approach and Marketing and Promotion.

To make it easier I have broken down these 6 tracks into 25 Marketing Tactics which cover everything that you need to do to sell more romance Kindle books.
This is the system I have used to become an Amazon Number One Bestseller.

 Nina Harrington’s Romance Self-Publishing Book Bundle provides you with all of the key information that you need to publish romance fiction FAST.

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