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What is “requirements elicitation” and why should you care? Why should anyone read a book about requirements gathering? All you have to do to get the requirements for anything is ask everyone involved what they want it to do, right? If you are capable of understanding their answers, you should be done in a heartbeat. So, why the fuss? Based on the track record of the Information Technology (IT) profession, it appears that gathering the right requirements from the right people to define the right IT solution for any organization is nearly impossible. Industry insiders cannot even agree on what to call the process. Over the years, we have tried “Requirements Gathering”, “Requirements Capture”, “Requirements Definition”, “Requirements Discovery”, and “Requirements Elicitation”. Regardless what we call it, this book will give you a head start on getting the job done right. “Requirements Elicitation Interviews and Workshops — Simply Put!” deals with the “soft skills” side of life, meaning attitudes and behaviors that promote effective requirements elicitation. In particular, you can learn how to: Define and distinguish five specific requirements elicitation approaches from one-on-one Requirements Interviews to Requirements Gathering Workshops • Evaluate the pros and cons of each approach for your organization and project • Define the seven habits to successful requirements discovery • Plan and prepare Requirements Interviews • Prepare, perform, and manage effective requirements gathering Workshops • Recognize the challenges and strengths of facilitated requirements workshops with cross-functional groups • Use informational and active listening to capture hidden requirements About the authors Angela and Tom Hathaway have trained, consulted, mentored and coached thousands of business analysts around the world for organizations from small businesses to Fortune 100. Based on their combined 60+ years of experience in Information Technology and Business Analysis, they serve up a unique perspective on this burgeoning field of knowledge.

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