Product features

  • Safe and Easy to Use. Simple instructions inside.
  • The mold test kit allows you to collect Air, Surface or Bulk samples that can be sent to our AIHA Accredited Lab for one $40. 00 Lab Analysis Fee.
  • Pre-Paid First Class Return envelope included to send back mold samples to the Laboratory
  • Standard detailed Lab report within 7 working days via email or text through the PROLAB App
  • Your detailed lab report will show detection of mold, pollen and allergens
  • Our Mold App allows you to register, track your samples and view reports
  • Free Expert Consultation to explain results
  • Express service is available for faster mold report

Product Description

Scientifically, mold has its function in the outdoor environment. However, mold can cause allergies, exacerbate asthma symptoms, and can even cause chronic health conditions. Mold is a health hazard that can’t always be seen or smelled, so a Do It Yourself mold test kit is an inexpensive way to make sure your home is mold-free. Using the PRO-LAB DIY Mold Test Kit is easy. You can collect a sample of air particles, swab of an area of suspected mold growth or send a bulk piece of a mold sample to be tested. The accuracy of a mold test is important to choose the right test kit for your situation.

The PRO-LAB DIY Mold Test Kit Includes 3 different sample methods that test for all mold types. It is an extremely affordable way to test for mold in your home but keep in mind lab results are an additional cost of $40. The kit includes a postage-paid mailer and Free expert consultation to go over your detailed report

All 3 Collection methods available for one lab Fee:

Air sample: This kit uses a petri dish in which the user collects a sample of the air particles in a room. The dish is opened up and left near the suspected area of mold for one hour so that air particles can settle in the medium at the bottom. Then, the dish is covered and incubated for 72 hours; if mold grows, you can have it analyzed to determine what type of mold is present

Swabs: (aka visual sample): Good for damp surfaces or visible mold spots, this test kit also includes a swab that is rubbed over the suspected surface to collect the test sample. The swab is placed in the enclosed plastic bag and sent to a lab for analysis.

Bulk Material: if you have a piece of drywall or other moldy material just put a small sample in the enclosed plastic bag and sent it to a lab for analysis.

Helpful Tips

· Use more than one test in different parts of the building to get a more accurate picture of possible mold.

· Place the petri dish as close to the suspected source of mold as you can.

· When testing for mold in an HVAC system, run the system for about 10 minutes before placing the sample collector to clear out accumulated particles and get a more accurate reading.

· Mold tests should also be conducted in adjoining rooms and on other floors to determine if the mold is widespread.

· When performing a swab test, be sure to coat the swab thoroughly to get a good sample.


PRO-LAB will analyze your samples and produce an illustrated data report that you will receive through email or through the PRO-LAB APP when Downloaded. All of the results are confidential and only you and the lab will see them unless you request otherwise. You can then reach out to us at your convenience for an expert consultation to help you understand the mold test results. In fact you can reach out to us during any stage for consultation and help with any questions you have about taking samples

PRO-LAB is a professional AIHA-LAP,LLC accredited Lab that specializes in Mold analysis. It is easy, with our help you collect the surface samples yourself and send to the lab. The lab provides a confidential report via your email address. Free consultation for helping you understand your report. Detailed instructions are provided.

The PRO-LAB DIY mold test kit helps to confirm or rule out indoor mold growth and identify the mold types present (including black/toxic mold–Stachybotrys). Samples are analyzed by highly trained Lab Professionals using direct microscopy. Results are sent back within 7 days after receipt in the lab. An Infomold glossary is also provided with potential health effects from the spores identified, how to prevent mold, cleaning tips, and additional resources. Excellent customer service.

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