Programmable PID Temperature Controller Ramp and Soak SSR Output with 60 Segment timely Cycles fr Kiln Paragon Ceramic Pottery Glass

Product Description

Up to 60 segments (programmable steps for 30 ramp, 30 soak and other logic actions) available for program and temperature range -200 to 1800 °C (depends on input type) With soft-start function

Output: Voltage pulse to drive SSR, Input: Thermocouple: (K,S,E,J,T,B,N) RTD: (Cu50, PT100) Linear Voltage and current:0-5V,1-5V,0-1V,0-100mV,0-20mV,0-60mV,0.2-1V(100-500mV),-20 -+20mV(0-10V) -5V- +5V(0-50V), -100 - +100mV(2-10V) Linear Resistor:0-80 Ohm, 0-400 Ohm

Power Supply: 90~260VAC , Dimension: 48mm*48mm*90mm panel mount (DIN 1/16)

Display in either Fahrenheit or Celsius temperature unit and Decimal points:Configurable for all inputs, Control Method: ON/OFF AI MPT with auto tuning, adopting fuzzy logic PID algorithm, Alarm Mode:Absolute value high limit, Absolute value low limit, Deviation high limit alarm, Deviation low limit alarm

The time configurable between minute and second, decimal point for all input, Auto/Manual control switch from front panel, Configurable time-dominate or value-dominate controls

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