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  • TRACE WHAT YOU SEE! The NeoLucida is an updated camera lucida: a drawing aid that allows you to see your subject and your page at the same time.
  • Perfect for artists, scientists, designers, or hobbyists -- anyone who wants to draw. (The NeoLucida is for ages 9+). For more information, see http://neolucida.com

Product Description

TRACE WHAT YOU SEE. The NeoLucida is a portable camera lucida: an optical drawing aid that allows you to trace what you see. Based on century-old designs but comprehensively redesigned for the 21st century, the NeoLucida is perfect for artists, scientists, designers, or hobbyists-anyone who wants to draw. Originally patented in 1807, by the 1830s camera lucidas were everywhere. Fine artists, scientists, naturalists, explorers, archeologists, architects-all used the camera lucida for drawing in the days before photography. Our design is lightweight (7oz., or 199 g), sturdy, compact enough to fit in a handbag, highly adjustable, totally non-electronic, and effective in all lighting conditions. The NeoLucida will also be released with a liberal open-source hardware license, encouraging the world to modify and make their own NeoLucida devices and experiment with new optical applications. If you enjoy drawing from life, or if you’re interested in experiencing for yourself how the Old Masters could possibly have created such accurate, lifelike drawings-then the NeoLucida is for you. Designed in Chicago & Pittsburgh, USA by Pablo Garcia & Golan Levin. Manufactured in partnership with Big Idea Design, LLC. Crowdfunded through Kickstarter. NeoLucida() is a registered trademark of NeoLucida, LLC. For ages 9+. For more information, go to http://neolucida.com

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