Product features

  • Compact flat aluminum channels inner wide is 16mm /0.63" perfect for Philips Hue lightstrip plus 2nd, come with 6pcs milky white covers, 12pcs end caps, 12pcs mounting clips, 24 pcs screws. Each segment is 1M /3.3ft, total length is 6M/19.8ft. Need more end cap and mounting clips search for MUZATA LCU1
  • The wide aluminum LED channel(LED profile/LED extrusion/LED housing)are special designed to fit various rigid or flexible LED strip include 3528,5050 5630 and Philips Hue Light strip 1st Generation,hue Lightstrip Plus 2nd,waterproof LED strips or any LED strip less than width 16mm and height 7mm.If you need more wider led channel for double row strip,please search MUZATA U105
  • The solid led channel tracks are not flexible and not suit for bending. Muzata provide 90 degree L shape corner adapter(search for MUZATA LC09),Cross Corner Connectors (search for MUZATA LC10),T-Shape Corner Connectors(search for MUZATA LC20) or please search for MUZATA U106 to get bendable led channel
  • Muzata u-shaped aluminum LED channel/profile is anodized extruded and better heat dissipation. Frosted diffuser cover works well to help spread the light more evenly,need the LED channel SPOTLESS LIGHTING EFFECT search for MUZATA U103/MUZATA U116.We also have other color choice(black channel and smoke diffuser)please search for MUZATA U102
  • The aluminum led channels can be cut down to any length,come with all the accessories,these led channels can be joined with our custom extensional connector(search for MUZATA LCB1) for longer distance lighting projects or search MUZATA U102 2M to purchase 2M led housing

Product Description

LED aluminum channels manufacture directly,customization accepted,buy from professional,buy with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q:Can the aluminum led channel be joined together end to end?

Muzata led channels can be join like a single piece with extension connector (search for  MUZATA LCB1),You can purchase 2M (6.6ft) LED channels (search for MUZATA U2SW) for longer lighting project

Q: Do you sell the LED channel which can reduce the light spot?

Please search for MUZATA U103

Q: Do you have any angles that can go around corners? 

We provide L-shape corner adapter(search for MUZATA LC09 ) connect the aluminum channels at 90 degree angle turning

Q:Does it fit Philips hue plus 2nd Generation?

A: YES! These led channel fit any LED strip less than width 16mm and height 7mm


Configuration: U-Shape 6x1M segments (6M total)

Max LED Strip Width:16mm 

Channel:Anodized Extruded aluminum

Cover: milky white PC

Accessories Included: End caps,mounting clips,screws

This product is an aluminum extrusion for your LED strip lights installation.These aluminum LED channels are not only a great housing for strip lights but also act as a heat sink for them as well,which will expand your LED lifetime as well as brightness over time.The frosted covers conceal the LED strip and make for a professional looking light fixture.This profile is compact, slim,and easy to install,perfect for under cabinet,under stairs,closets,exhibits,furniture

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