Product features

  • 1)It works and only work with Mi.Light series product:Download the APP,install it with manual,then you can control all Mi.Light series product-wifi led light bulb,spotlight,downlight,led strip controller.6W RGBW led bulb ASIN B06XHKS798.All Mi.Light series LED lamp and controller is available from us,welcome to visit our store.
  • 2)APP smartphone long distance controller:No matter where you are,you still can control your home light with APP,as long as there's Wifi/3G/4G internet for your smartphone.Even you forget turning off lights before you go to work,this controller supports you turn off lights on your phone in office.
  • 3)Timer function:Setting a ON and OFF time for each zone in APP,the lights would turn on & off automatically while APP is running in background.Sometimes,kids prefer there's light on before they fall asleep,but parents can't always come to turn it off.This timer function can solve the problem.
  • 4)Easy linking,easy operating:Any DC 5V adaptor charge for smartphone can be used for charging this controller.Low voltage,very safe for children,you can put it near home wifi router.Package includes USB cable.
  • 5)Led strip lights controlling is available:You can use it to APP control any color led strip lights-single color,ww+cw cct temperature changeable,rgb,rgbw,rgb+cct-with cooresponding strip controller.Eg,ASIN B01N9TPFPQ for RGBW led strip lights.iBox2 ASIN B01N7C3HXQ

Product Description


Q1.How many bulb can be connected to 1 bridge?
A:4 groups bulb can be connected to 1 bridge,no quantity limitation for each group.

Q2.How this “bridge” is powered ? need to buy power supply for USB?
A:It’s powered with DC 5V.
Package includes 1 USB cable,so you need to buy a DC 5V output adaptor for USB.
Or you can use smartphone charger adaptor which output is DC 5V.
Or connect it to computer USB.

Q3.Does it connect to my home wifi? Or will I need to disconnect my iPhone to connect to this?
A:Yes,you can connect it to your home wifi according to wifi box manual.
So that you can control lights while you’re surffing on the interenet.

Q4.Can I connect it to a strip led or just bulbs?
A:You can connet it to Milight bulbs directly,but connect it to RGB/RGBW led strip via RGB/RGBW controller,that’s needed for strip controlling.

Q5.Where does the grbw led strip plug into on the unit, and where does the 12 volt power plug in on the unit?
A:RGBW led strip is not connect to this wifi box,it’s connect to other RGBW Led controller which is used for RGBW led strips.12 Volt power also is plug in that controller.

Q6.If I install this with a 4 controller system, where it would have 4 zones, can the hub control all 4 zones with smartphone?
A:Yes,APP can control 4 zones via wifi box.

Q7.Can I use it to control bulbs when I’m not at home?
Yes,this wifi box support smartphone control bulbs via 3G/4G internet.

Please contact us at first time if you have any troubles on installation!

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