Ardest Measuring Module Ranging Ultrasonic Distance Sensor for Obstacle Avoidance in Arduino Projects Pack of 2 by Ardest

Product Description

Please get the original ultrasonic sensor from" Ardess"! This is a really common sonar-type Ultrasonic Distance Sensor commonly used with Arduino's and raspbery microcontrollers, helping your robot avoid objects with few lines Arduino code.

This ultrasonic module is different from the parallax sensor in that it uses the 4 pin connection vs a 3 pin connection. If you use an arduino controller for this it's no problem.

The sensor boards are pretty well-built without solder joints and all pins are clearly labeled on the board silkscreen. Legs are compatible with breadboards so it's easy to use for quick prototyping

Cheaper alternative,great option for arduino projects!!I'd recommend these range sensors to anyone needing to sense distance for any of there Arduino projects.

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