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Product Description

Master the art of jazz guitar soloing with Martin Taylor MBE

Discover Single Note Soloing for Jazz Guitar

  • Do you find yourself playing the same clichéd jazz licks when faced with a set of chord changes?
  • Do you struggle to play the lines you hear in your head?
  • Would you like to play effortless melodic solos that tell a story?

In Single Note Soloing for Jazz Guitar Martin Taylor MBE distils more than 40 years of wisdom into a comprehensive resource that helps you to play authentic jazz guitar solos. Learn how a virtuoso jazz guitarist thinks and constructs melodic ideas to create rich, engaging jazz solos. 

As a special bonus, see Martin demonstrate the techniques in this book in a series of specially created videos. 

Jazz Guitar Soloing –  What You’ll Learn:

  • A time-honoured method for jazz improvisation that puts music before theory
  • How to take a simple melody and vary it while adding layers of complexity
  • How to define melodic “hit points” to anchor your solos to the melody
  • A method to build memorable motifs that engage your audience
  • How to target specific notes in chords to create different colours and textures
  • Hundreds of licks, etudes and a unique case study

As well as demonstrating dozens of licks for each concept in the book, Martin dedicates a chapter to showing you how a very simple tune can be developed into a full-blown jazz solo using Martin’s jazz guitar soloing method. We’re 100% certain that every reader will have heard this tune at some point. No plot spoilers!

Bonus 1: Multiple long etudes to learn – These mini-solos illustrate how to apply the techniques over the changes to a well-known jazz standard.

Bonus 2: Exclusive videos to watch as you learn – get inside the music in one-on-one sessions (viewable online)

As well as teaching you how to develop the skill of melodic variation, Martin dedicates time to teaching the one skill that sets the great jazz guitarists apart from everyone else: being able to play exactly what you hear in your head. You’ll learn these authentic jazz guitar skills that you can’t learn anywhere else.

  • The Think, Sing, Play method that in time will lead you to be able to play any line you think of
  • How to refine your jazz vocabulary and develop your phrasing

No more boring jazz guitar solos!

One skill that is missing from much modern music education is how to construct a meaningful solo that has a clear beginning, middle and end, light and shade, and takes the audience a journey. Do you want to tell people a story, or just throw out superficial one-liners? Martin Taylor teaches…

  • How to plan a well-paced solo that has highs, lows and a definite conclusion
  • How to use dynamics and timing to build tension
  • “Big Picture” soloing that puts musicality first
  • A step-by-step walkthrough of how to construct a solo from scratch
  • An up-tempo etude that demonstrates the method

Jazz Guitar Soloing – Here’s What You Get:

  • A library of beautifully crafted jazz licks to build your vocabulary
  • A step-by-step jazz guitar method that starts simple and adds layers of complexity
  • Specially commissioned videos from Martin Taylor
  • Hundreds of studio quality musical examples to download for FREE
  • Perfectly notated examples with tab and notation.

Hear Jazz Guitar in Action!

Single Note Soloing for Jazz Guitar contains 116 supporting audio examples, so you can hear exactly how each step in the process should sound.

Buy it now to discover your own creative jazz guitar soloing journey…

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