LEKU Relay Module - DC 12V 16 Channel MODBUS RTU RS485 Relay Module Board PLC Controller Serial Port Switch

Product Description

Under the MODBUS command mode, this relay module can support up to 64 devices in parallel.

MODBUS RTU command control mode, the maximum delay is 255 seconds.

MODBUS commands can be made serial HyperTerminal(serial assistant) or "Modbus Poll" enter.

Working voltage is DC 12V. Standby current (all relays closed) is 11MA, 1 relay open 40MA, 2 relays open 67MA, 3 relays open 95MA, 4 relays open 121MA, 5 relays open 147MA, 6 relays open 173MA, 7 relays open 198MA, 8 relays open 222MA...

6 Commands: "Open", "close", "Momentary", "Self-locking", "Interlock" and "Delay".

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