LED Scrolling led Advertising Board. Size 1020 cm 10 cm 220 cm red Green Double Color Pack of 1

Product Description

1 A variety of operations including static display, continuous motion, laser, cover, rolling, such as random, maximize the influence of the sales and customers; Fast through intelligent software programmable via USB cable

2 5V 12V working voltage! You can power on it by your power bank, computer, even in your car, excellent performanc

3 Used to display text graphics animation market video video signals such as all kinds of information the display of the LED display screen has been widely used in large square Commercial sports venues information spread news release of securities trading, etc

4 This Money Making Machine Constantly Displays Your Own Messages, Catches the Customers' Attention, Brings Them Into Your Store Among Others

5 Portable size! Plus with metal chain, wide use in window, desk, counter, shelf and so on

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