Product features

  • ●Suitable for:RGBW5050 5pin LED quick connector,10mm wide clip-on coupler connector,two kinds of interfaces,flexible quick connectors,extension connector cables,RGBWW LED ribbon lights connectors,plug adapters,connecting waterproof and non-waterproof 10mm wide SMD 5050 RGBW/RGBWW LED to the LED controller,Solderless RGBWW LED Tape Light Converter Adapter to Connect LED strip to LED Strip or LED Controller
  • ●Unique design:Extension cable connector,It is a connection cable.One side for led controller and another side for led strip,Connect LED light to the controller,RGBW LED band light 5 pin connector cable jumper-17cm in length,Flexible and durable,5 Pin RGBW LED Connector Cable for 10mm wide SMD 5050 RGBW LED Strip Light,Solderless RGBWW LED Tape Light Converter Adapter to Connect LED strip to LED Strip or LED Controller
  • ●Product Material and Installation:PVC and Copper,single-sided plug and another side snap down connection,no need soldering connector,clip-termination,simple and decent installation,easy to route,flexible and flat,RGBWW LED strip Light 5 pin connector,very simple and flexible,5 Pin RGBW LED Connector Cable for 10mm wide SMD 5050 RGBW LED Strip Light
  • ●Features:This is a 5pin LED strip lights jumper terminal,solderless rgbw led lights connector,RGBW light bands clamp connector,flexible and durable,17cm long LED Stripe connector distributor adapter corner connector,solderless connector cable between RGBW ribbon lights and RGBW LED controller,high quality at low price,the best choice for corlorful LED DIY program,search "B077D119ZP" on Amazon if you need RGBW 5pin L shape corner connectors
  • ●Fast delivery&quality assured:Very fast shipping,5pin connectors for LED strip,designed and produced by KaBenjee,simple and unique packaging,Amazon FBA delivery,fast and safe,our brand - Kabenjee,please Choose us with confidence!

Product Description

Model:10mm Clip-on RGBW LED Lights Connectors,Clip Connector for RGBW LED Ribbon lights,RGBWW Ribbons light Extension Plug Jumper

you can bend the LED strips neatly around the corner
You can use these connectors to process a LED strip to a logo lettering
The cables fit on 5050 RGBW LED strips,Suck as Kabenjee RGBW LED
No need soldering,snap down style connection
make a good connection,you can bridge the 5pin LED strip with these connectors
TV LED Lighting Deco,For RGBWW 5pin LED Decoration
The flexible cable allows laying around corners,edges,etc.
The clamps are only suitable for 10mm wide RGBW 5050 LED
Product Parameters:
This is a perfect accessory for your led strip.Suitable for 5 pin SMD 5050 RGBW LED Strip,especially if you connect the controller and light bar,no soldering,snap-in connection,two different interfaces flexible and durable
5-conductor RGBWW LED Ribbon Light Snap Down Connector for 10mm Wide SMD5050 RGBW LED Tape Light
RGBW LED Band Light 5pin LED Ribbon Light Quick Connector(RGBW LED Plug Connector)
5pin RGBW LED Strip Light Solderless Clip Mount Connector,5Pin RGBW LED strip light Connector Cable
10mm wide SMD5050 RGBW LED Strip Light Solderless extension connector,RGBWW 5050 LED Tape Light Converter Adapter
Package includes:
10X 17cm connecting wire
5X 5-pin male plug
Where to use:
wall,desk,wardrobe,TV background lights,bed lights,Christmas,new year party etc.
Why Choose Us:
1)Super price performance ratio
2)Fast delivery
3)Reliable Brand—Kabenjee
Perfectly simple.Easy to assemble.Just clasp your prepared LED strip into the connector to get connected.Good quality!
Please note:
please note the (+ G R B W) before installation,And the arrow(→)sign means connect to the “+” of the light strip!
Do not hesitate to ask us questions,if you like it,add it to the cart!

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