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The twelve volumes of this book about the media are as follows:

Volume 1. Journalism-Public Relations Career Guide
Volume 2. Canada Journalism Guide
Volume 3. General Media Sources
Volume 4. Magazine Guide
Volume 5. Huge List of Media Companies in Alphabetical Order
Volume 6. TV Media Guide
Volume 7. Radio Basics
Volume 8. United States Newspaper Websites by State
Volume 9. Canada Media Guide
Volume 10. Alternative Media Guide
Volume 11. Worldwide News Basics
Volume 12. List of World Newspaper & Other Media Websites by Country in Alphabetical Order

This book is mainly about two things:

journalist, communications, public relations, activist-alternative media newspaper, magazine, wire service jobs, career and education

the world’s biggest list of TV-radio-news-newspaper-magazine-internet news-alternative news websites

This book is a job and school-college book for the journalism-media-communications industry mostly for the United States and Canada but there are media contacts for every country in the world.

It’s also the biggest, most complete resource-website guide for the world media including lists of news, newspapers, magazines, radio and TV stations worldwide.

I cover quite a lot but not everything about the media including websites for news, newspapers, TV stations, magazines, the alternative news, the wire services, etc. One thing I’m a little short one is listing a good chunk of all the magazine websites out there.

There is a volume about the alternative media. I list a big bunch of alternative media websites and tell you how to be an alternative media journalist. It’s as easy as creating a blog and taking videos of what you see happening and posting it up on online, mostly on youtube but there are are many other alternative news websites that take citizen journalism material.

Nowadays, people are on twitter and instagram. They post instantly. The only problem is the credibility of the poster. If it’s someone with a good reputation, the new post could go viral. That’s how news can spread in this new age. In the past, it was always filtered by the mainstream media. The mainstream media still controls the collective mindset of the human race but a good percentage of the people don’t trust it anymore.

A few bypass it altogether and get their info and news from alternative sources. It’s as easy as going on youtube, reddit, stumbleupon, tumblr, etc. and seeing what’s current.

I generally go on It’s one of the few free, no-hassle live streaming TV channels on the web that works half decent unlike those African and Asian ones. The Germans have good high-tech media. If you go on CNN or most of the other ones, you either have to pay a subscription fee or you get taped videos of programs. Some of them block you if you’re not from that country like BBC.

This book focuses on types of jobs in the journalism field, job websites and a listing schools and colleges with their websites for the United States and Canada that offer these types of courses.

Beyond the books in the employment section at the library at #331, you might find some books on journalism at #70-#71 and #384.55.

Beyond this book, and, find a list of the major newspapers in Editor and Publisher International Yearbook at the library.

The periodical directories list newpapers and magazines.

There is a huge list of newspaper websites elsewhere in this book.

Other than the main upfront so-called glamour jobs, there are many offshoot and technician jobs in these fields.

Jobs in these industries are generally on-the-job training. For instance, somebody might start out as a lowly clerk on the newsroom floor and work up to news director.

In general, communications is considered a glamour industry because of the creativity involved so competition is fierce, even for people with advanced degrees.

I’ve known several people …

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