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Product Description

Master Fresh Jazz Guitar Chords Anywhere on the Fretboard

  • How do the top jazz guitar players play chords anywhereon the fretboard?
  • Is your jazz guitar chord playing predictable?
  • Do you always reach for the same “safe” jazz guitar chord shapes on the guitar neck?

Jazz Guitar Chord Creativity is the quickest way to become an incredible jazz rhythm guitarist with an advanced harmonic vocabulary of beautiful chord choices that work in every single keyand on every single jazz standard.

If you’re tired of mental “dead zones” on your guitar neck and being forced to jump up and down the neck to the same boring barre chords, then this is the perfect jazz guitar chord guide for you.

Jazz Guitar Chord Creativity is a ground-breaking creative guide to using simple techniques to go way beyond the boring “normal” chords of jazz rhythm guitar.

Quickly master these jazz guitar skills

  • An instant way to learn the truth about jazz rhythm guitar playing
  • Translate any jazz chord to any position on the neck to unlock fluid, creative freedom when you comp
  • Connect cascading chord sequences across every “zone” of the guitar neck to master true jazz guitar voice leading in the style of Joe Pass.
  • Unlock the full range of the guitar neck to have complete creative freedom on anykind of chord.
  • Master phrases of reliable, beautiful “chord licks” that inspire any musician to play their best solos

The great jazz chord players, like Joe Pass, Wes Montgomery, Johnny Smith, George Van Eps, Martin Taylorand Kurt Rosenwinkel, all have multiple chord options at their fingertips. No area of the fretboard is out of bounds and they play vertically, rather than horizontally, to capture all the nuances of guitar tone. Jazz Guitar Chord Creativity teaches a method to help you achieve the same degree of practical knowledge and freedom.

You’ll discover…

  • Multi-purpose chords that can be major, minor or dominant depending on context
  • Substitution principles to expand your harmonic knowledge and give you more creative options
  • A chord system specifically for jazz guitarists that includes options for band settings andsolo accompaniment
  • How to easily convert these principles to different keys and apply them to any jazz standard
  • How to embellish chord sequences to enhance your chord-melody skills
  • Learn to apply chord creativity to long chord vamps to give them energy and momentum

In Jazz Guitar Chord Creativity you’ll find multiple ways of seamlessly connecting major and minor ii V I sequences. The chord connections here will allow you to play advanced, sophisticated chordal passages that set you apart as a player. Move away from predictable patterns and use the full range of the guitar neck to express yourself.

Bonus 1: Learn 5 etudes that bring together all the principles in the book over the changes of well-known jazz standard progressions

Bonus 2: Jam along to loop-able backing tracks and practice your skills

Hear it and See it!

Jazz Guitar Chord Creativity comes with 100 supporting audio examples, free to download, so you can hear exactly how each step in the process should sound.
Buy it now and take your jazz guitar chord work to the next level…

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