Product features

  • Upgrade Stepper Motor Stick: TMC2208 driver is widely used in 3D printers and small CNC machines, lower heat
  • can replace A4988 DRV8825 LV8729 stepper driver.
  • Step resolutions: 256 microsteps/step resolution.Flexible microPlyer interpolation unit,even in the pulse rate is limited system can still be perfect to achieve sinusoidal control
  • TMC2208 single-axis stepper motor drive chip, power tube built-in drive current 1.4A peak current 2A, voltage range 4.75V-36V,
  • Package Includes:5 x TMC2208 Driver with heatsink, 1 x wrench
  • With patented technology spreadCycle high chopper frequency, dcStep , stallGuard2 stall detection technology, CoolStep current dynamic adjustment technology, can save 70% of the energy, StealthChop mute technology

Product Description

●MicrIsteps: 256 segments
●Model: Stepper Motor Driver TMC2208
●Drive current: 1.4A
●Peak current: 2A
●Voltage range: 4.75V-36V

TMC2208 (LWH): 20 x 15 x 11 mm/ 0.78″ x 0.59 x 0.43
Heat Sink (LWH): 9 x 9 x 12 mm/ 0.35″ x 0.35″ x 0.47″

Please Kindly Note:
● Make sure not to connect the motor when measuring voltage, otherwise driver will burn out.
●When used on Ramps1.4 or MKS Gen, please remove the 3 jumpers under socket.
●Pay attention to direction, don’t insert wrongly, or it will burnt out.
● The motor direction is opposite to that of A4988 and DRV8825, please adjust the firmware or adjust the motor wiring if you want to replace A4988.

Package Includes:
●5 x TMC2208 Driver
●5 x Heat Sink
●1 x Screwdriver Driver

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