Fulight Ballast-Bypass & Rotatable F8T5/D LED Tube Light - 12-Inch (11-3/4 Inches Actual Length) 1FT 4W (8W Equivalent), Daylight 6000K, Double-End Powered, Frosted Cover- 110/120VAC

Product Description

***Please DON'T buy if you don't expect to modify your light fixture***: MUST be directly wired to the 120V AC Power! Please disconnect Ballast (& Starter if there is any) before plugging in the bulb. Installation Manual is attached as the 2nd photo at the left upper corner of this product page! upper corner of this product page! ***DON'T BUY UNLESS YOU UNDERSTAND THIS!***

Actual length 11-3/4" including pins: Replaces bulbs with actual length from 11-5/8" to 11-3/4"! **Please measure your fixture to confirm fitness before buying**

Instant-On Dalight 6000K to replace 120V standard 12" F8T5 CFLs

Rotatable: light forwarding angle can be adjusted by +-90 degrees to fit any light fixture!

GREEN ECO FRIENDLY + SIGNIFICANT ENERGY SAVING + LONG LIFETIME: no flickering, no UV light, no buzzing ballast, no hazardous materials + Saving ~50% electricity + Lifetime>50,000hrs & 3-Year Warranty

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