Product features

  • This ADF4350 signal source development board has well designed circuit board layout.
  • It can be controlled by the upper computer official software.
  • All control pins are leaded out for convenient operation.
  • Durable construction for long-lasting performance.
  • Three-wire serial peripheral interface bus lead to control pin and state locking pin, allowing all functions including point frequency sweep and frequency hopping.

Product Description


Output frequency range: 137M-4.4GHz
Supply voltage: 4-9V (5VDC)
Output signal:
2.2GHZ–4.4GHz sine wave (fundamental)
137MHZ–2.2GHz squarewave (fundamental division)
Output signal: wideband output, signal strength: + 5dBm (programmable)
RF connector: SMA female head
Control Interface: Three-wire Serial Peripheral Interface Bus
Reference Clock: 10.000MHZ (default), through the interface to an external SMA
Weight: 16g

The module can pin microcontroller LCD1602 / LCD12864 module connection (can be plugged directly Backward), convenient software debugging, both lock indicator (Lock). Pin correspond to the following:
GND ————————- GND
VDD (5V) ——————- VCC
VO ————————– NC (empty)
RS ————————– NC (empty)
R / W ————————- MUXOUT
EN ————————– CLK
DB0 ————————- DATA
DB1 ————————- LE
DB2 ————————- CE (has 10K pullup)
DB3 ————————- GND (do not take)
Reference Clock:
10.000MHZ default reference clock signal is active clock or an external reference clock signal, you need to modify the three-way connection with a soldering iron, connect EXT_REF external reference signal.

RF output:
For ease of use, the default is broadband output, the output of two differential signals, one way can be used to output use, the other way can be used to monitor the output.

Package Included:
1 x RF Signal Source Frequency Synthesizer

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