Ardest Electronics Compoments Pack with Resistors, Switch,LEDs, Potentiometer for Raspberry Pi Arduino Uno R3 Mega2560 Mega328 Nano

Product Description

Great assortment of "beginner" hardware, everything you could possibly need to get up and programming with your new board!!

It's a nice setup. A box full of electronic goodies.Several resisters from 100 ohms to 47K ohm ; a dozen LEDS; Little pots and 1/4 inch shaft pots. All in all a reasonable buy for a hobbyist

Great starter kit for arduino! LEDs and Resistors work well with Raspberry Pi too.Resistor values labeled clearly on the tape

It contains everything needed for users' first-time connection of their computers to Arduino and includes most of the popular accessories for DIY projects. Leds, Resistors, Switch, etc

Good assortment of parts to help build up your workbench inventory. Other starter kits with more variety are also available on our shop. This set is basically resistors and switches

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