Electronic Disconnect Isolating Switch,HR6-160/310 Fuse Isolating Switch 380/660V 160/100A(All Brass)

Product Description

The switch consists of a base, a cover and an arc-extinguishing chamber, all made of arc-resistant plastic, which is fully plastic.

The static contact is directly mounted on the base, and the arc-extinguishing chamber is easy to disassemble and assemble. Each arc-extinguishing chamber has two parts: the inner chamber and the outer chamber.

The NT fuse body is mounted on the inside of the cover, and the cover can rotate fan-shaped along the support parts, and has a large electrical isolate distance to meet the requirements of the isolate switch.

The cover can be easily removed from the base, making it convenient to install and replace the fuse body.

There are two sets of mounting holes on the base, which can meet the requirements of all kinds of switchgear inside and on the panel.On both sides of the switch, auxiliary contacts may be fitted as required to give a signal indicating the condition of the switch separation.

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