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Product Description

3-D means “three dimensional.”

It’s easy to draw from side to side on your paper, using its width. It’s easy to draw from top to bottom on your paper, using its height. But how do you draw something going away from you, into the distance? How do you create depth (the third dimension) in your drawing?

What I want to teach you is linear perspective, a technique first developed almost 500 years ago, during the Renaissance. As you flip through my illustrations, this may seem like really complicated and technical stuff. And it is … sort of. Those clever artists who figured this out weren’t trying to make your life easy! They only wanted to make realistic pictures.

Fortunately, you’ll find that the basics really are pretty simple. Better, you don’t need much beyond the basics to make some pretty cool drawings. Best of all, perspective can make your drawings look real in a way you can’t achieve without it.

You’ll need a few supplies, some patience, and a positive attitude. Expect to make mistakes as you learn, and keep a smile on your face: with each mistake you learn another way not to do it!

What you need…

Find a comfortable place to draw – with decent light, so you can see what you’re doing.

  • A mechanical pencil works best for this type of drawing.
  • Have a ruler or straightedge handy. It’s very difficult to draw in perspective without one.
  • If you have one, use a T-square and triangle.
  • You’ll probably want a separate eraser (the eraser on your pencil will disappear quickly). My favorite type is a kneaded type, available in art supply and craft stores.
  • Patience: pay attention to the concepts. Do plenty of practice drawings!
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