Donner Zinc Alloy Ukulele Capo DC-3U for Soprano Concert Tenor Baritone Ukulele 4 String with 4 picks, Black

Product Description

📌Makes full use of the labor-saving arc and lever principle, fully ergonomically With the hand-held design, the grip is more labor-saving.

📌Exquisite metal appearance is made of high-quality alloy material, not only has a cool metal texture, but also with extreme corrosion-resistant.

📌Presses the string tightly, stresses each string evenly, which makes strings ring loud and clear, no free buzz.

📌The spring is made of high-quality special steel spring, super elastic, repeated use, and the elasticity is still as good as beginning.

📌The quality silicone pad perfectly fits the neck, which ensures the accuracy of the tone change, and can also protect the neckshaft.

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