Product features

  • INCLUDES 3 HIGHLY EFFECTIVE DUSTERS – the duster kit includes a flexible ceiling fan duster, an electrostatic cobweb duster, and a microfiber duster – all dusters can be used by hand or attached to a standard threaded extension pole or telescopic pole to create an extendable duster (POLE NOT INCLUDED)
  • FLEXIBLE CHENNILE MICROFIBER FAN DUSTER – flexible stem bends and stays in any position to optimize surface area contact with dusting surface
  • chenille microfiber maximizes dust uptake
  • removeable microfiber dusting cloth for easy washing
  • use by hand or attach to a telescoping pole
  • ELECTROSTATIC COBWEB AND CORNER DUSTER – utilizes electrostatic action to attract and hold dust and cobwebs
  • dome shape easily fits into corners and crevices
  • rinse with water to clean
  • use by hand or attach to a telescopic pole
  • MICROFIBER FEATHER DUSTER – aggressively attracts and attacks dust and dirt
  • Grip’n Clean scratch-free microfiber technology cleans and protects your surfaces
  • easily remove the cleaner for easy washing
  • use by hand or attach to an extension pole
  • USE WITH A DOCAPOLE OR ANY THREADED EXTENSION POLE – pair with a 30 foot, 24 foot or 12 foot DocaPole extension pole to create the ultimate high-reach dusting solution
  • all dusters are also compatible with any other pole featuring a standard ACME threaded tip

Product Description

The Ultimate Dusting Attachment Kit.

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