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The author challenges today’s woman to become empowered in this compelling and dynamic book. Why have women not achieved equality in socio-economic, educational opportunities, voting and health? Why do men still outnumber women in positions of power? How can we change these perceptions and realities forever and create a new world for future generations? In Part 1, Dr. Carballo-Perelman examines the history of women’s “unempowerment” through a series of essays that cover such hot topics as equality of the sexes; the progress seen by women in underdeveloped nations as well as those in medicine and in corporations; how world religions have affected the treatment of women; and the reasons men still dominate the world. In Part 2, Carballo-Perelman relates the “original fairytale nightmare”- an allegory for the status of women, both historically and through the ages to the present day, delineating the story’s similarities to today’s headline news. In Part 3, she retells classic fairytales from the point of view of an empowered woman, following up with real-life examples of fairy tale heroines. Each heroine embodies one of Carballo-Perelman’s eleven attributes of empowered women: confidence, teamwork, respect, compassion, humility, calmness, acknowledgement of others, honesty, courage, success and enjoyment. Then, in Part 4, the author shares her version of the ideal future, told as a modern fairytale. Through it all, she will give you the practical tips, encouragement and motivation to move upward as an empowered woman.

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