Cable Matters Ethernet Cable Share Kit in White up to 100 Mbps - Check The Connection Diagram Before Purchasing - This is NOT a Two-Pack - Must Be Used in a Pair

Product Description

RJ45 splitter kit splits the cable pairs on an existing Cat 5/5e/6 cable into two separate outlets to connect two devices such as a computer or printer; Connect the other end to TWO DEDICATED router or switch ports; Each device requires a separate network port

cable sharing kit is an ideal solution for connecting two devices in a remote location with an existing network cable drop; Check that all four pairs are terminated into the wall outlet; Alternatively, use a long Ethernet patch cable with female RJ45 couplers (sold separately) at each end as a solution for locations without any network cabling

VoIP shared application in an office location that needs to add an IP phone next to a computer that can run on shared 100Mb (Fast Ethernet) speeds over Cat 5e; Requires separate portson a network switch; PoE is not a recommended use

Ethernet cable splitter splits pairs 2 & 3 into Jack 1 and pairs 1 & 4 into Jack 2 for sharing two device signals over a single cable; Each device requires a dedicated router or switch port

Connection check list includes 1) Ethernet Cat 5/5e/6 cable with all 4 pairs connected; 2) cable terminated into a wall plate or connected with a female RJ45 coupler; 3) Four Ethernet patch cords (2 at each end); 4) Two available portson the Ethernet router or switch

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