Brightech LightView Pro Magnifying Lamp & Table Clamp - Max Comfort - Pro Work Like Lash Extensions & Crafts - Durable Glass Magnifier with Bright LED Light - Dimmable & Adjustable Light Color

Product Description

BEST LED MAGNIFIER LAMP FOR READING & CLOSE WORK. COMFORTABLE, UNLIKE MAGNIFYING GLASSES / HEADSETS: Enjoy newspapers and books even with vision problems such as ageing eyes or macular degeneration. The 3" lens magnifies up to 225% (2.25X), with things in focus 8" away. Avoid strapping painful headsets or heavy, uncomfortable and awkward magnifying glasses, when at your work bench / table.

THE RIGHT LIGHT FOR PUZZLE MAKING, SEWING & OTHER CRAFTS - CLAMP FOR DESK / WORKBENCH & GOOSENECK STYLE SWING ARMS SET & KEEP MAGNAFYING HEAD IN PLACE - The cool white light (adjustable to warm white) helps your eye see minor contrast plus tiny stitches / count threads like in natural daylight, improving needlework crafts and easing puzzle making. Plus free your hands from holding the lens so you enjoy arts & hobbies such as knitting, cross stitch, quilting & painting etc.

MAG LAMP FOR ESTHETICIANS MICROBLADING, DOING FACIALS & EYELASH EXTENSIONS - WITH DIMMING & LIGHT COLOR ADJUSTMENT - Spas & salons, makeup artists and beauticians: do you need to work close up, precisely to make your clients look beautiful? It couldn't be any easier to shape an eye brow just right when you can see it brighter and magnified. Need the light a bit dimmer? There's a built in dimmer. Plus adjust between cool white light for precise work or warm white for general work.

AVOID REPLACEMENT HASSLES - REAL DIOPTER GLASS & 20 YEAR LIFE LED LIGHTS FOR MAX DURABILITY - The genuine diopter glass means the lens doesn't warp with time or heat, and is also scratch resistant. So it lasts longer than cheap acrylic/plastic lenses that warp in heat and scratch easily, causing replacement hassles in little time. The 9W & 650 lumen LED lights are built in and last 20,000 hours - about 20 years of use for 3 hours/day !

BRIGHTECH'S 3 YEAR PRODUCT WARRANTY: We proudly stand behind all of our products 100% and offer a full 3 year warranty. This will cover if the product stops working within 3 years or if there are any defects within those 3 years.

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