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Product features

  • Designed specifically for 12G SDI performance
  • backward compatible with all other SDI standards
  • Cable stock manufactured in the USA by Belden
  • Silver-plated copper center conductor, PE foam dielectric, foil/braid combination shielding and PVC jacket
  • rated CMR for installation
  • Assembled by Blue Jeans Cable in our shop in Seattle, Washington
  • Belden Brilliance male BNC connectors at both ends

Product Description

BJC 12G SDI Cable, made with Belden 4505R, 25 foot, Black:

This cable is made using Belden 4505R cable stock; 4505R is essentially an updated, 12G version of Belden’s classic 1505A SDI cable. While superficially the cable appears much the same, internally every part of it has been re-engineered for 12G. The center conductor, previously bare copper, is now silver-plated copper for lower attenuation. The dielectric is a new lower-loss polyethylene, resulting in a higher velocity of propagation and lower capacitance. The foil shield is now bonded directly to the dielectric, for tighter impedance stability. Even the shield braid had to be tweaked — the wrong braiding angle can, at these high frequencies, cause return loss spikes. And, of course, the cable is sweep-tested to 12 GHz for guaranteed performance.

Belden BNCs:

A BNC connector for 12G needs superb impedance stability; at short wavelengths, even the distance from one end of a BNC connector to the other can be a critical fraction of a wavelength, and can contribute return loss spikes. With this cable we use Belden’s new 12G Brilliance BNCs, which, like the cable, have been redesigned for 12G performance. These connectors are unique in the industry; in many respects they resemble traditional compression connectors, but their dimensional consistency and mechanical stability are far superior. The result is a BNC which electrically outperforms conventional three-piece crimp connectors.

Blue Jeans Cable: A Reputation for Broadcast Quality

Blue Jeans Cable has been assembling SDI cables for the broadcast industry in our Seattle shop since 2002; our experienced workers use the best precision stripping and crimping gear to deliver consistent, reliable quality, cable after cable.

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