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  • ✅ ARE YOU READY TO HAVE SKIN THAT RADIATES? Let’s be honest, one of the first things that people will notice about you is your skin. Why not give yourself an extra advantage with having fresh, healthy, bright, smooth, younger skin that radiates clean vibrancy. Our high-end mens and womens Puruskin Suction Peeling Black Mask set will be a game changer to remove whiteheads and blackheads!
  • ♕ SOMETIMES BEAUTY IS PAIN… So, to be real with you, it may be a bit painful removing your activated Charcole Black Peel Off Face Mask personal kit. The good news is the results are so worth it, and it gets easier every time you do it. And if you only use it on your nose, chin, and forehead there is very little pain. After removing your pimple reducer mascarilla para puntos negros, I recommend using our luxurious moisturizing Puruskin Argan Oil after removing your Black Suction Mask to s
  • ❤️ PURUSKIN MEANS “PURE.” I love our products, and I absolutely adore my customers! I promise to provide you with the highest quality products, amazing support, and noticeable results, or your money back. If you don’t love our pure blemish extractor pack, then you shouldn’t have to pay for it. You can add our Puruskin deep pore cleanser Black Facemask to your cart now, with total confidence in our guarantee!
  • 🕐 REAL RESULTS IN A 30 MINUTES, GUARANTEED! Our Puruskin Volcanic Charcoal Mask sinks deep into your pores to extract dirt, sebum, black head and whitehead removal, and much more. The mask’s sticky surface contains everything that comes out of your face- you see the results as soon as you peel it off your skin! If you’re not happy with your experience, then you don’t pay for it. I know you work hard for your money. I love my products, and I’m confident you will too!
  • 💯 SPA RESULTS IN THE COMFORT OF YOUR HOME! A day at the spa is a luxury in today’s economy- so why not bring the spa to your bedroom? You can pamper yourself for a fraction of the cost of traditional treatments. We’ll provide you with easy-to-follow instructions for your Black Facial Mask, as well as video tutorials for the best results!

Product Description

Only the Best for My VIP Customers!

As a woman-owned company, my mission is to provide only the best products for my gorgeous customers. As the owner of Puruskin, I am a real woman, who uses my products everyday to see and feel real results, to get real compliments. So if you are looking for the best skincare products to get the skin you’ve always wanted, you are in for a treat!

Healthy Skin That Gets Complimented. Often.

If you want smaller pores and smoother skin, then you’ll love my Puruskin Blackhead Remover Charcoal Face Mask. It doesn’t only remove blackheads- it also helps with dark spots, sebum removal, getting rid of peach fuzz, improved blood circulation, reducing wrinkles & scarring, and more! And if you really want your skin to go the distance to greatness, I recommend using my full Puruskin line of high-end skincare products. You can thank me later…

Directions for Best Results:

Step 1: Wash your face with a high quality Vitamin C Cleanser. Vitamin C is a powerful anti-aging ingredient proven to help induce collagen production. Washing your skin will prepare your pores for a deep clean and the amazing exfoliation process with my Puruskin Black Peel Off Mask. Make sure your skin is fully dry before applying your mask.

Step 2: Apply a thick layer of my Puruskin Black Suction Mask to your skin. I recommend starting with just your nose, forehead, and chin for your first time use. Allow enough time for your mask to fully dry. Usually within 15 to 30 minutes.

Step 3: Pinch a corner of your mask and gently pull the mask of your skin. If there are any small pieces of the black mask left on your skin, you can easily wipe them away with a clean wet towel. I recommend putting Argan Oil on your skin right after removing your mask to soothe, repair, and deeply hydrate your skin. Now your ready to enjoy and flaunt your beautiful clean skin!

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