ATC 319E-030-F-1-C Plug-in Adjustable AC/DC Solid-State TDR, 24-240 VAC, 24 VDC, On-Delay, Standard

Product Description

Five dial-selected ranges: 0.3 SEC., 3 SEC., 30 SEC., 3 MIN., 30 MIN

Wide Choice of Ranges: In addition to the short ranges expected of an electronic TDR, the 319 is also available with ranges as long as 100 minutes, for AC or DC operation

An unusually versatile model, the 319 five ranger has five dial-selected rangers, from 0.3 SEC to 30 MIN, and provides any dial=adjustable timing period between 0.02 seconds and 30 minutes

All options incorporate a light-emitting diode (LED) which is on during the time cycle, off at the end of timing

The 319's timing circuit is not subject to the large plus error that plagues many electronic TDRs after a long periods of downtime

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