Product features

  • 1.Egg Trough Support Design -- The central groove is formed to support and support your head and neck at the ideal sleeping height. At the same time, the higher curve around this groove will help your head and neck stay in the ideal position so that they won't twist and become stiff or sore. Feel safe when sleeping and have a structure that can disperse stress.
  • 2.3D Ergonomic Design -- The highly-coveted pillow features to eliminate virtually partly stress and tension in those areas. Thanks to its 3D-curve design, it is able to absorb small movements during our sleep and continue supporting our heads and proper body alignment. You will also feel comfortable when watching TV on the sofa.
  • 3.Support Design -- The gold three-point perfect support design, the concave part in the middle of the pillow, perfectly supports the head. The pillow C-shaped design can support the spine and reduce pressure. When lying on the side, it will not compress the shoulders, and can maintain a good sleep posture all night. Let us feel different pillows together.
  • 4.Safety Pillow -- This pillow does not contain any toxic ingredients and can provide health protection. All materials are free of chemicals, which can improve health. Polyester and polyurethane materials have different softness and comfort and also make the product light and flexible. The newly invented material has 8 million spherical particles, and the user's body shape is scattered in a suitable shape, which can keep the correct posture during sleep time.
  • 5.100% Satisfaction -- We provide you with the best quality products and best service. Customer satisfaction is our top priority. If you have any questions about the product, please contact us immediately. We will assist you to solve the problem.Now buy each product also present a sachet, can improve sleep quality.

Product Description

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