AideTek SMD SMT 0805 Size, 144 Values, 100pc/value 1% Sample Resistor Kit Distributed in Box-All Enclosure E96 Serial 0ohm to 1mohm Designer Kit  Free Tweezers

Product Description

Engineering design kit 0805 size, 1% sample resistor kit, total 144 V x 100ea =14400pcs

Brand new resisotr kit, 144 values printed on labels, all resistors are distributed in BOX-ALL enclosure

Containing 144 values in the EIA Standard E-96 series from 0ohm to 10M; Those resistor are 1% ±100ppm/°C thick film surface mount resistors separately stored in BOX-ALL enclosures

Easy and quick access for all 144 values inside the box;Light, Portable, around 500g with all compartments filled, Easy to transport the enclosure to other places.

put it on a shelf to keep the bench top clean,Certified by RoHS regulations, Easy and quick access to each value, save time, space, save 80% compared with retail price for all these resistors.

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