Product features

  • COOL-SILVER G4 is a non-silicone based thermal interface grease that is not electrically conductive
  • It is designed for maximizing the thermal transfer between computer processors and heat sinks
  • COOL-SILVER G4 is non-curing, allowing for the easy removal of the heat sink for testing or upgrades

Product Description

COOL-SILVER G4 is the fourth generation and lower thermal resistance version, of AIT’s original COOL-SILVER thermal paste. It is a non-curing, non-silicone, thermal interface compound that is not electrically conductive. It is designed specifically for high power devices requiring less than 0.0016 ºC in²/watt thermal resistance (0.001 inch interface layer). COOL-SILVER G4 will become slightly more viscous after dispensing. It will continue to remain a thermally conductive interface medium with non-electrically conductive properties.

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