10 Pcs/Pack 600 : 600 Ohm 1:1 EI14 Isolation Transformer Audio Transformers

Product Description

♛Well Made: Toroidal transformer model: EI-14. Lead-Free Compliant Electronics Component. Isolation transformers, Selection of high quality material, work stable, practical convenience, and with long severing life.

♛Features: AC impedance : 600 : 600 Ohm. o isolation transformer, The primary and secondary windings are tightly coupled, there is sufficient pass frequency band, the original winding inductance is large, the leakage inductance is small, can reduce the influence of the hysteresis loss.

♛Value: Voltage ratio: 1:1. These isolation transformer are all high efficiency o transformer, EMI, high voltage, stable performance.

♛Useful: o transformer is often used to transform voltage or transform load impedance. toroid core

♛Customer Service: If there is damage or other problems, please contact us, we will reply to you and deal with any problems for you.

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