Product features

  • 10 PARAMETERS in 1 STRIP: Water testing for Total Alkalinity, pH, Total Hardness, Iron, Lead, Copper, Nitrite, Nitrate, Chlorine & Fluoride
  • EASY & INSTANT: Simply dip the strip in water to test water quality. Results are determined in seconds. Easy to read Color Chart with EPA Maximum Contaminant Levels + an Extra Color Chart Included - Perfect for Classroom and School Science Projects.
  • ACCURATE: Reliably identify harmful contaminants in your drinking water. No lab testing required.
  • IMPROVED SENSITIVITY: New Low Level Detection ranges for Lead (Measured in PPB), Fluoride, Iron & Copper.
  • CUSTOMER SUPPORT: 24/7 Customer Support is available to help determine your results.

Product Description

Baldwin Meadows has developed a way to test the water with an easy to use at-home water analysis test kit. Our 10-in-1 water testing strips help determine the quality of your water using the following parameters:

Total Alkalinity
Total Hardness
Residual Chlorine

What is in your drinking water?
According to the EPA, 41 states have reported higher than acceptable levels of lead in drinking water. A 2016 Harvard study found industrial chemicals and pollutants linked with cancer, hormone disruption and other health problems in the drinking water of 33 states.

Health problems associated with contaminated well water and municipal water:
Reproductive Problems
Neurological Disorders (particularly children, pregnant women, the elderly and people with weakened immune systems)
Gastrointestinal Illness
Many more chronic diseases

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