YSCSPQA Capacitor 50Pcs/Lot 0805 SMD Inductor 1UH 2.2UH 2.7UH 3.3UH 4.7UH 5.6UH 6.8UH 7.5UH 8.2UH 10UH 22UH 33UH 47UH 68UH 100UH All Series (Value of Resistance : 22UH)

Product Description

High precision and stability; Very convenient and practical.

stable and durable for long life use.

with clearly marked values and voltage ratings on each capacitor for you to easy select and use.

Our electrolytic capacitors are widely used in power supplies and in interconnecting stages of amplifiers at audio frequencies.

They are also great choice for DIY work, repairs and little projects, can be applied for repair TV, LCD monitor, radio, stereo, game console, microwave, etc.

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