Inventions Pack of 3 Kits x Build on Breadboard Kit, Sine Wave (RC Phase-Shift) Oscillator Using Transistors

Product Description

The oscillator circuit is also called an RC Phase shift Oscillator, an oscillator is an electronic circuit that acts as a sine wave generator. It is widely used in frequency variable signal generators, so it is a common basic electronic circuit.

The product is a pack of 3 individual kits and kits are bundled in a single shipment. We will ship the product within 7 working days of order confirmation via INDIA POST-EXPRESS/SPEED Post. The product will be delivered to you within 7 working days of the date of shipping, but customs clearance in your country may delay your item delivery.

The kit is good for school, college students, and hobbyists for building electronic projects and for learning circuit assembly on a breadboard. The kit is not assembled, and SOLDERING IS NOT REQUIRED and this is a DIY kit for circuit assembly of the solder less BREADBOARDS. The kit comes with the instruction sheet and all electronic and electrical components required for the circuit.

The instruction sheets included four topics; a schematic/circuit diagram, an explanation of circuit operation, parts list, and pin configurations. The total kit includes an instruction sheet, A 840 point solder-less breadboard, battery snap, breadboard jumper wires, a set of hook-up wire pieces, and all other electronic, electrical, and miscellaneous components required to assemble the circuit. BATTERY NOT SUPPLIED with the kit, and you have to use your own battery/DC power supply source.

This Kit is recommended for 12 years of age and above those who have basic knowledge of electronics and the ability to read and understand the schematic/circuit diagram and KNOWLEDGE OF BOARD ASSEMBLY.

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