THANGT ZigBee3.0 Smart Brightness Thermometer Hygrometer, Room Temperature Humidity Sensor Light Sensitive Tester Works with Smart Life App, ZigBee3.0 Gateway (Not Included)

Product Description

The smart brightness thermometer senses the changes in the ambient light, temperature and humidity in real time. Actively report to the user end by Smart Life App as the built-in ZigBee protocol.A really good complement for body health with the real-time detector of house luminance, temperature and humidity with high precision.

Clear data change curve display as day, month and year of luminance, temperature and humidity in App helps monitor the house condition for multiple purposes, as heating control, humidifier and lighting on/off in a preset time for whole house intelligence with infinite sense of wisdom.

Remote supervision of room luminance in App for high learning efficiency of kids while doing homework with smart scene linkage to house smart switch to turn on the light automatically when the sun goes down or back from whole-day work without manually turning on the light or trigger the switch in app every day for added convenience.

An extremely powerful device with mini design for three features all in one, saving money and energy with no need to purchase three different devices for independent use, fits well with smart modern lifestyle with simple operations.

A ZigBee gateway hub is a must for this ZigBee brightness temperature and humidity sensor, which is much stabler than WiFi router and featured as the control center for smart homes, playing an irreplaceable role for all ZigBee products, together with the whole intelligent linkage of your house.

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