Ticfox 5 Channel Flame Sensor Module Analog Digital Dual Output Fire Extinguishing Robot

Product Description

5-way flame sensor design, wide detection range (common single flame sensor detection range is about 30 ° With the increase of distance, the detection range of this product is more than 120 °).

All the five outputs are equipped with status indicator, which makes it very convenient in debugging and practical application.SMT technology is used for SMT automatic welding, and the quality is reliable.

2 can output digital signal (high and low level), easy to use.3 can output analog signal (voltage signal), can be more accurate measurement signal, suitable for high precision occasions.

Using 1% resistance design (the flame sensors on the market are all designed with 5% resistance), the signal output is more accurate, which is suitable for the occasions requiring high-precision measurement.

The detection range of digital output is adjustable, the sensitivity of analog output is adjustable, and the design is more flexible.3 m3 mounting holes on 7 boards for easy installation.83.3V-9V power supply, compatible with most single chip microcomputer systems.

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