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Product Description

1.Brand:OJINGXIO vanadium lead ore is usually bright red or orange red,and occasionally brown,reddish brown,gray,yellow or colorless.

2.Material:natural vanadium-titanium ore,size:45.2mm*37.5mm*38.4mm(length*width*height)

3.Vanadinite is a dense and fragile mineral,usually in the form of red hexagonal crystals.

4.Found in arid climates,formed by oxidation of lead deposits (such as galena).During the oxidation process,vanadium is leached from the surrounding rock silicate,and vanadium and vanadium begin to grow.Associated minerals include simulated iron ore,magnetite,wolframite,pewterite,angle iron,calcite,barite and various other iron oxide minerals.

5.(The above information is for reference only.Please note that all stones are for decorative purposes only.Please handle your stones carefully,do not grind or break them,do not immerse or add them to your food or drink,do not Use any part of them for any elixir,potion,lotion,etc.Please make sure to wash your hands before and after use.)

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