Tgoon Digital RTL‑SDR Receiver, Common Diodes 100KHz-1766MHz 50 Ohm 3.2MHz. (2.8MHz Stable) ABS

Product Description

Can listen to short-wave single-sideband communications, FM radio, walkie-talkie calls, aviation bands, etc.

This receiver is now upgraded to adopt the latest RTL2832U+R820T2 solution, covering all short-wave amateur bands

You can connect computers, for Android phones and other devices to use SDR software to receive 100KHz-1.7GHz electromagnetic waves, and support AM, FM (NFM, WFM), CW, DSB, LSB, and USB demodulation

The analog sub‑tone and digital sub‑tone can be cracked by software. You can set up automatic search scan

The ID of commonly used digital walkie-talkies can be cracked through software and the voice signal can be demodulated, which is very practical

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