Tyenaza Variable Resistor, 100pcs 10 Values 500ohm-1M ohm Film Variable Resistor Potentiometer Rheostat Trimpot Assortment for Building Electronics Projects

Product Description

Resistance: 500 ohm(501), 1K ohm(102), 2K ohm(202), 5K ohm(502), 10K ohm(103); 20K ohm(203), 50K ohm(503), 100K ohm(104), 200K ohm(204), 1M ohm(105)

10 different resistance: These variable resistors comes in 10 different resistance values from 500ohm to 1M ohm that you can use for various projects

Easy to use: A total of 100 variable resistors can be used, so you don't have to worry about it taking a long time. Packed and sorted in a resealable transparent plastic box with a label on the surface for convenient use and storage

Features: All these resistors are adjustable, so with this setting, you will have a large potential range. This set of variable resistors will be an excellent choice for your building electrical projects

Applicable: It may be necessary to increase or decrease the value of the resistor in the circuit to tune the radio station or increase and decrease the volume of the speaker

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