Digital Voltage Comparator, Voltage Monitoring Module for Digital Display Window Voltage Comparator/Voltage Measurement/Charge

Product Description

The user can set the upper voltage limit and the lower voltage limit. Measurement range is 0-100V DC, measurement accuracy +/-0.1V. Newly added 0-99.9 seconds delay pull and 0-99.9 seconds delay off function.

The module is made of high‑quality components and processed with stable performance. It can be widely used in various voltage measurement and control applications.

The controller presets 5 different functions and can customize and add other specific functions according to the user's needs.

Increase the automatic power saving function, the user can set it autonomously. All setting parameters can be saved automatically, and the setting contents will not be lost when power is off.

The voltage monitoring module is a multi-function voltage monitoring controller that uses an industrial-grade microcontroller as the main control unit with a wide measurement range and high accuracy.

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