stoertuy Voltage Comparator, DVB01 Digital Display Window Voltage Comparator Measurement Charge Discharge Monitor Dual Limit Comparison Test DC 5V 12V 24V Window Voltage Comparator

Product Description

The DVB01 module is a multifunctional voltage monitoring controller, which adopts industrial microcontroller as the main control unit, which has wide measuring range and high precision. The controller has 5 different functions, and can customize and add other functions according to the needs of users.<br/>

The module is made of genuine high quality components, stable performance, can be widely used in a variety of voltage measurement control occasions.<br/>

Provides 5 functions for users to choose to meet the needs of more applications;<br/>

The user can set the upper limit and the lower limit voltage;Measuring range DC 0-100V, measurement accuracy +/-0.1V;<br/><br/>

Increase the automatic power saving function, the user can set;All parameters can be automatically saved, set the content is not lost power.<br/><br/>

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